Boat Covers

Boat covers

Boat covers are important accessories to protect your watercraft. There are different types of covers for your boat and most of them are made of canvas, cotton, or polyethylene. A boat cover is often used to keep the boat clean and dry. It is important to invest money in this accessory if you want to prolong the value of your boat. Many boat owners make the mistake of using other accessories to cover their boat, but these things doesn't protect appropriately. A boat cover is not very expensive. One can currently find a wide range of options to purchase one.

If you will buy a boat cover, you must be sure it will protect your boat from grime, dirty, UV rays, dust and rain. These elements are very harmful to your boat. Expert mariners always use a cover boat to protect their vessels against harmful elements. If you love sailing in your boat, you will not hesitate to buy this accessory. However, a boat cover cannot protect your boat in situations like storms. It is also essential to buy a well-quality boat cover. There are hundreds of manufactures in the market, so you should look for the best one.

Styles of boat covers

You can find several options in the market to purchase a boat cover, but you should purchase the one you consider that will fit your needs. You must take into account factors such as weather conditions, your navigation area and the time you spend sailing to purchase a cover boat.

If you don't have a specific style on your mind, you can choose one of the most popular styles of boat cover. These are: universal, semi-custom and custom styles. Most boat owners use the semi-custom style. This model offers them the best features of both previous models.

  • Universal: It is the most common model; manufactures design it to cover the basic needs of a boat. Universal boat covers are less expensive that other models and they usually have a shorter life span. You can order this model according the type and styleof your boat. It can fit loosely over your boat, but it is a good option if you use this cover in storage or mooring. This model has become very popular among the boat owners who cannot find a custom or semi-custom model for their particular brand and size of boat.
  • Custom: This is highly recommendable if you own a large boat. You can order this cover especially for the size and model of your boat. When manufacturers design custom boat covers, they take into consideration factors such as the beam, console style, width and length of the boat to offer clients a personalized cover to protect their boats. A custom cover is definitely more expensive than a universal cover, but it is the best choice you can do. In fact, this model is the best alternative to protect your boat against harmful elements, but if you can order one, you can choose other alternatives to keep your boat safe.
  • Semi-custom: It is a blend between the custom and the universal models. It is currently very popular in the market and it is the second choice for boat owner to protect their boats. It is less expensive than a custom cover but it also offers the features of this model. Semi-custom covers are designed to a boat model within a size range, so they provide a moderate fit.

The market offer other cover style such as: sunbrella fabric boat covers, and poly/cotton blend fabric boat cover. These models are designed to protect your boat against specific harmful factors such as UV rays, sun or dust. You should always think about your needs before to purchase a boat cover.

How to clean you cover boat

It is very important to provide a proper maintenance to your boat cover to extend their lifetime. The following recommendations will help you keep your boat cover in good conditions:

  • Wash your boat cover with water solution and mild soap.
  • Avoid using any additional plastic sheeting over your boat cover.
  • Always dry brush your boat to remove residual dirty.
  • It is advisable to use soft bristle brush to clean your boat cover.
  • Rinse any soap remnants away with water.
  • e sure your cover is dry before storing or folding.

If you follow these steps to clean your boat cover, you will prolong its lifetime. Each boat cover model comes with specific instructions to clean and store it. You should follow those indications to protect you boat cover.