Boat Shoes

Boat shoes

Boat shoes are designed to provide grip on wet decks of the boat. People usually wear these shoes without socks since they are very comfortable. Paul Sperry created this kind of shoes in 1935. Sperry saw that his dog was sliding less in slippery situations that people shod in ordinary shoes. This event called his attention and then he studied the paws of his dog, and attempted to duplicated the tread on the bottom of a boat shoe, using a razor blade to cut multidimensional pattern into a piece of crepe rubber. The shoes he invented quickly became popular among fishers and boat owners; so that the US Navy negotiated the right to manufacture the shoes of Sperry. The sailors of the US Navy started using these shoes in 1939 and they still wear them.

Nowadays, boat shoes, inspired by Sperry's invention, are pervasive both on the waterfront and in the mall.These shoes are also known as topsiders or deck shoes. This accessory is a necessity for those people who enjoy boating and do not want to have any kind of accident while they walk on their boats. Obviously you are going to boat on water and you are bound to have to cope with wet or slippery decks, so you should wear a pair of these shoes for safety. These shoes are characterized by they can get soaking wet but people can still wear them comfortably.

Boat shoes are made of leather or canvas. They have soft soles to avoid scratching or marring a boat deck and to provide grip. Deck shoes are waterproof and their eyelets are only solid brass to prevent damage from salt or rusting. Manufactures build these shoes on a contoured last so they will give you a full range of flexibility. They will make you feel as comfortable as you will think they were designed to your foot. Expert mariners recommend novel sailors to war a pair of these shoes to protect themselves against injuries when they stub a toe against the sharp end of a genoa track, or crack their feet into the anchor locker latch.

Deck shoes became fashionable footwear in 1980s. Many people and teenagers wear these shoes as part of a casual or formal look. They are still a popular accessory in the fashion world around the world, especially in The United Kingdom, America, France and Germany. Most boat stores offer deck shoes as part of boat accessories. Today, American manufactures design different versions of the original boat shoe. These versions are light-weight, quickly-drying with slip-resistant soles and leather uppers. These shoes are ideal not only for boat activities but also for any leisure activities in warm weather. These shoes are very versatile. If you want you can wear for a party, meeting or other kind of event.

The main characteristic of the original boat shoes are: the typical rawhide lacing, oiled calf leather, water-repellent and non-slip light-colored soles. Deck shoes still fulfill the exacting demand required from a high-quality shoe. It means, they allow you walking safely on a slippery boat deck. These shoes are not exclusively for men, there are some models that women can wear. Deck shoes for women are stylized to give them a feminine touch. Some manufactures produce deck shoes for particular purposes. One can find special shoes for fishing, sailing, boating, etc. You only need to look for the model that fits your needs.

The styles for deck shoes range from sneakers and sandals to the traditional leather boat shoe. If you want dedicated deck shoes, you should look for something with light soles that will not mark a boat deck that is white fiberglass. Some kinds of deck shoes allow for complete immersion and double as wading shoes in sandy inshore waters. A special model called Mesh-bodied drain and dry quickly. If you enjoy fishing, this is a good option for a deck shoe.

If you do not have an idea about the model and style of boat shoe you can wear, the following list will show you the most popular model of boats shoes for men:

  • Timberland Earthkeeper 2.0 Boat Shoe: It is made from recycled materials.
  • Timberland Classic two-eye boat shoe: It has shoe laces and comes in two colors.
  • Sperry Top Sider Billfish 3-Eye Shoe: It keeps the traditional design.
  • Tommy Bahama Captain Leather: It is made of water-resistance leather.

Finally, you should choose a pair of boat shoes that cover your needs and make you feel comfortable. There are different styles and prices to purchase deck shoes, it is sure you will find good shoes.