Boat Buying Advice

The purchase of a boat is considered as a great investment in people's life because 2/3 of the earth's surface is covered by water and if you get a boat you can visit more places of the planet than you can visit by car, so it is so important to get an excellent boat buying advice.

If you are ready to buy a boat, there are considerations to choose a boat, such as: use, price, and size. The ideal dream of everyone is choosing one that is large enough and that suit needs without breaking the boating budget.

The first step is deciding what type of boat to buy, then to buy a new or used boat, etc. Consider that buying a new boat could avoid many difficulties that are associated with used boats; otherwise new boats are less equipped than used boats. For these reasons, it is a great idea to get boat buying advice.


Before buying a boat, it is important to consider the size of it. First, you must know the main use of the boat to narrow down the size. The bigger boats have more features such as cabins, galleys (kitchens), heads (toilet areas), etc. The disadvantages of these boats are that they have more systems to understand and operate, they could not be towable and over all they cost more.

Keep in mind that there are other considerations about the size of a boat such as: its limitations for different environmental conditions, or if you are new in boating, a small boat is a wise starting to learn quickly to captain and gain enough experience, so a smaller boat will do just fine because the most important is having an experience as fun and easy as possible.

In base of these things about the size of a boat, we recommend you that your first boat must not be larger than 22-24 feet, and make sure that your boat is certified to carry all the passengers and gear you plan to bring aboard.


There are different factors to consider in the decision to buy a new or used boat; personal finances are the main, but below you can find a list of others:

  • Warranty service: the retail cost of new boats includes this service; however, used boats do not include this service to pay some problem with them because these are sold under conditions that they are found.
  • Financing: the rate of interests and down payments for new or used boats are the same, the only difference is that used boats over 15 years old could need some extra financing to make repairs.
  • Depreciation: in the first season of use, new boats have the highest depreciation. In the case of used boats in good conditions, the depreciation could level out with the proper maintenance and improvement of equipment of these.
  • Performance: structural and mechanical problems are harder to detect, so for a used boat asks the owner about its mechanic history. In the case of new boats it is difficult to know about their problems, people should hire an expert to identify potential problems because dealers face a dozen of problems on each boat they sell.


There are pros and cons in the moment to buy a new or used boat. In the case of new boats you can know every piece of the history of your boat and for its motor. If something goes wrong, the warranty covers the problems and you do not have to focus on the restoration or repairs.

The financing of a new boat allows negotiating better interest rates, and you can choose the best type of boat for you. However, the depreciation of new boats is higher than used boats in the first season of use. On the other hand, dealers indicate that problems with new boats are solved in the warranty period, for that reason it is important to consider warranties and interest rates when buyers are comparing between new and used boats.


Buying a used boat can be a good choice for those individuals with tight budgets. Even if you are thinking to buy a used boat, it could be a good idea to visit boat shows to see different models and create a list of important traits of your future boat, this way you can use it to narrow down the great number of used boats available and make the right choice.

After you find your future boat, you should get a marine survey of the boat. A marine survey is like a home inspection in which the surveyor will thoroughly inspect every part of the boat from the engine to the electrical system and the hull to the dash; then the surveyor give you an analysis of the results. Based on these results you will have the power to re-negotiate the price of the boat or step away from the deal. Besides you will have the peace of mind knowing that the boat will not need repairs in the near future.