Albemarle boats

It is a well-known brand that manufactures one of the finest and most dependable sportfishing boats worldwide. From its 24-feet center console to its 41 feet convertible, the fleet of this brand is recognized by many anglers around the world. It was founded in 1978. The production facility of Albemarle is located in Edenton (North Carolina).

Among the characteristics of the boats that build this company, are the abilities such as dependability, affordability, etc. This brand is some of the most admired boats today thanks to their superior ride and its standard of quality.
There aren’t other boats in the category of the sportfishing that have the ruggedness, strength, durability and the ride of the Albemarle boats. How the hull is an important factor for the safety on water, then, with such great design and construction of the hull of these boats, the security is assured. Another important thing is that the company uses the best components available to deliver quality. This manufacturer uses the most advanced techniques of construction.
Among the boats of this boat maker are the following:

  • Trailerable Boats. They are specially designed for anglers who look for the ultimate top quality in mobile fishing platforms. These boats deliver the feel and ride of a boat that has a length of 10 feet. They have also an incredible Jackshaft Power System (JPS) that allow the boats to increase their performance and stability. Among the models are the 242 CC, 248 XF, 268 XF, etc.
  • Offshore Boats. This line combines comfort and elegance, with hardcore fishing abilities. They definitely meet the expectation of serious anglers. They allow to fish side-by-side. Among the features they have are their comfortable ride, the strength in their construction, their seaworthiness, etc. The models are the 280 XF, 290XF, the 310XF, etc.

If you want to get one of these awesome boats, remember that you can take contact with a dealer near your location.

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