Alumacraft boats

This company is one of the leaders in the industry of aluminum fishing boats. It was founded in 1946. Alumacraft is based in St. Peter (Minnesota) and has dealers in different countries such as United States, France, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, among others.

Why choosing these boats?

This brand delivers a great selection of boats sizes. They range from 10’ flat bottom job boats to 20’8’’ deep-V boats. The variety of shapes, styles and sizes is ample. The ride of an Alumacraft is smoother, more responsive and drier.
The heavier gauge aluminum (5052 marine grade aluminum) this boat maker uses, allow it to make boats that can be on water for many years.
This company provides all major outboard motor lines for boats. These boats own bigger, stronger, heavier and more ribs.


Among the series of this manufacturer are the following:

  • Trophy series. They have plenty of storage for the entire family. The models in this series are the Trophy 205, the Trophy 195, the Trophy 185, etc. The trophy 205 has also 2 large livewells and optional bow rod storage. It has a length of 20’8’’, a width of 98’’, and a capacity of 9 people.
  • Competitor Series. It has an excellent proven performance, and loads of storage. The models in this series are the 175 Sport, the 165 CS, the 185 CS. The 175 Sport model has a length of 17’8’’, a width of 95’’, and a capacity of 5 people.
  • Dominator Series. Among its characteristics are the rear jump seats, the wide beam, the layout, etc. It is a perfect boat for spending a great time with family. The series are the 165 Sport, the 175 CS, the 185 CS, etc. The 165 Sport has a length of 16’8’’, a width of 91’’, and a capacity of 6 people.

Other series are the Navigator Series, Classic Series, Fisherman, Lunker II, etc.
If you want to acquire a boat of this excellent brand, then the only thing you have to do is looking for dealers near your location.

315 West Saint Julien Street
St. Peter, MN 56082
United States
Phone: (507) 931-1050
Fax: (507) 931-9056

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