Azimut boats

The beginnings of Azimut, a leading Italian company that make yachts, came about in 1969. This company provides its service to 130 countries. It has the most extensive sales network of yachts in the world. Its offices are located in Europe (Italy), Asia (China) and America (Brazil, Florida/USA). This yacht maker is committed with their clients even after the purchasing, proving to these yacht owners the help they need.

This company manufactures luxury motor yachts that are in a great demand. This company has received many awards, being one of them the award to the “best motor yacht of the year” (2007) for the Azimut 103s. This brand is well- recognized for its quality and there is no a surprise that it gets many awards.

Among the characteristics of these boats are the beauty, safety, elegance, comfort, etc. Every yacht reflects the attention to the detail. The efficiency in the production, the use of the most advanced technology and best materials, the excellent work team, and the continue innovation in this company, make possible the creation of luxury yachts.


  • Flybridge collection. This line includes a wide range of models, having the most extensive range of models worldwide. The length of them varies from 38 to 100 feet. These yachts have been awarded for comfort, modernity and innovation. Among the features are the layout of interiors which guarantee space and elegance.
  • Magellano collection. Specially designed for boaters who want to enjoy of travelling and sailing. Also they are perfect to stay long time on board. They can be piloted according the requirements, whether for planning operation or displacing.

Some of the new models are the Azimut 40, 45, 60, 62 S and 88. The model 40 is a good representative of engine-powered boats.

There are many dealers of this brand around the world. Some of them are located in Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain, Poland, South Africa, Nigeria, India, United States, Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua, among other countries.

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