Baja is one of the world's largest builders of performance boats. It started as a small fiberglass company andits original name was Aeroglastics Inc. This boat manufacturer changed its business to produce fiberglass boats in 1971. It was located in an abandoned roller skating rink at Jones St. where few employers and owners assembled the first Baja boat.

The purpose of this boat manufacturer was to design and build the finest performance boats worldwide. This company spent all its resources to build different models of boats until it produce the product line of 14- to 20-footers and its classic boat model CT-150, which is a boat with a racing design.

Baja spent the 1970s trying to perfect its nontraditional designs. This process helped this company to consolidate its styles and position itself as an innovative boat manufacturer. That’s when this boat manufactures took advantage of its success and took over the sport boat market. This great success inspired this company to produce its first big high-performance boat. Baja named it as Carrera 240. This boat was introduced in the market in 1978. In the 1980s, it introduced new models such as the 240 Sport and the 420 Sport. This line of boast was characterized to offer distinctively styled and world-class offshore watercrafts.

In the 1990s, this company was one of the most popular among boat racers. This way, it could confirm its place as the boat manufactures leader in style, quality and performance. Nowadays, thisboat manufacturer faces new challenges to offer their clients new products that can satisfy their needs and desires. There many place where you can search boats with the style of Baja boats, if you are interested in one of them.