Bayliner boats

Are you interested in getting a boat? And, are you looking for information about boats manufacturers? If so, you must know that “Bayliner” is not only the largest manufacturer of recreational boats worldwide, but also a brand that has received the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Award from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) in multiple boat categories, for 4 years in a row. So, we want to provide you here with some important facts about this brand, the characteristics of its boats and models. Then, let’s discover this excellent manufacturer!

This company, leader in recreational boats in United States, operates as part of the Brunswick Boat Group. It was acquired by Brunswick Corp. from Orin Edson (who established Bayliner in 1957) in 1986. This company manufactures pleasure and intuitive boats that allow boaters hit the water effortlessly.

Where Bayliner operates?

There is not only a city where this brand manufactures its boats. The cities where this company operates manufacturing are located in America.  They are the following:

  • Cumberland (Maryland).
  • Pipestone (Minnesota).
  • Reynosa (Mexico) .
  • Roseburg (Oregon).

On the other hand, there are exceptional dealers worldwide that represent this brand in more than 400 markets over 60 countries. They sell these well made boats.


The Bayliners demand minimal maintenance, and an effortless operation. New boaters can easily drive this kind of boats (normally with abandon). Whatever be the model of boat you chose, you will get one that can last a lifetime. Well, let’s see some characteristics.

These boats have excellent turning capabilities. They perform very soft rides in rough waters because their excellent design and construction. The production of these fuel efficiency and well-balanced boats with little bow rise, with a comfortable ride, it is thanks to the company’s dedication to the engine and stern drive.

The decks, hulls and other components fit correctly. They are built using the best tooling and the most advances computer-aided design techniques. This is some of the reasons why these boats don’t present structural problems and work well after time.


  • Bowriders. The model offers reliable, strong, and excellent well-rounded boating platforms for boaters whether they are experienced or new boaters. Some of the things that people around the world appreciate about these boats are the performance, versatility, storage capacity, etc. The models such as 160 Bowrider, 170 Bowrider, 175 GT, among others range from 16 to 22 feet in length.
  • Deck boats. These boats are equipped with a dependable Mercury sterndrive power. They are specially designed to satisfy big active crews, who look for performance, versatility and comfort. This is an excellent model that creates an open layout with many spots to plain relax. For having more action in the water, it is recommended the Flight Series Package. The length of the boat can be 18 or 20 feet.
  • Cuddy. Some of the characteristics of this model of boat are the storage capacity, the power, a cabin V-berth with a room for two people, among others.
  • Cruisers. These boats have a spacious cabin, an equipped galley, and comfortable places to sleep. They own all the necessary amenities for overnights. These boats are also good for days with a roomy cockpit. These boats range from 25 to 33 feet.

The achievements of Bayliner have been made possible through the permanent improving in quality. They are always looking to achieve the best performance. We encourage you to enjoy of a boat that allow you to take the most advantage of hitting the water. Why not thinking on getting a Bayliner boat? Would you like to search boats? Then we recommend you to visit “Search boats”.