Bertram is the legendary sport fishing boat manufacturer. This company became popular for producing Miami-based sport yachts. Dick Bertram was the founder of this boat manufacturer. This company initially built fast ocean cruisers. The design of these boats was based on one of the most famous series of deep-V that this manufacturer has produced: Moppie.

In the 1960s, this manufacturer became a production-boat builder and it expanded its line. Soon after, this company became the premier manufacturer of high-end and high-performance fishing boats and sport fishing yachts. In the 1980s, this boat manufacturer experienced an era of steady growth. This phase encouraged the company to diversify its lineup, so it included several motor yacht designs besides its highly regarded series of sport fishing yachts. 

Several companies owned Bertram throughout its long history.  This boat manufacturer has faced several financial difficulties. They forced to shut down of this company in 1993. However, an Italian conglomerate purchased this boat manufacturer this year and the production was resumed. In the late 1990s, Ferretti, which is currently one of the Italy’s premier boating manufacturers, acquired this company. Nowadays, Bertram is one of the leading builders of quality Miami-based sport fishing yachts in the United States.

Bertram offer their clients six series of sport fishing yachts. If you search a boat to fish, a boat of this brand is your best option. These boats are characterized by owning a power motorboat and a fine design.  This manufacturer produces boats to exceed the expectations of clients. This boat manufacturer only uses the finest marine components, the best construction techniques and the best quality materials to build each boat.