Boston whaler

boston whaler

Boston Whaler is a boat manufacturer that produces fiberglass boats. It was founded in Massachusetts in 1958. Richard Fisher introduced a foam-filled production process to build his boats. This process made Boston Whaler boats virtually unsinkable. This first model, with a foam-cored, 13-footer and a unique squared-off bow, was immediately a great success. Many boat lovers purchased this boat. In 1961, Fisher appeared in Life magazine and he demonstrated his products in a well-known series of photos. The most memorable shot captured is when Fisher is seated in a 13’ boat as it was cut into pieces. Soon after, this company became very popular and its boats gained the fame of being unsinkable.

This boat manufacturer still has a distinctive built process which is comprised of several fiberglass skins between liquid foam. These materials form a single sandwich-like hull and it is very buoyant with an incredible rigidity and strength. It is the reason why most people think these boats are unsinkable.

Boston Whaler boats are also prestigious to offer a superior quality, reliability, performance, and safety. Fisher used to make torture tests to demonstrate the strength and durability of his boats and this boat manufacturer still make this process to ensure the quality of its boats. Most fishers search a boat of this brand, because of the confusability it has. 

Boston Whaler has a wide range of options to find a boat that cover all your needs. Its unique Unibond construction ensures that client will purchase a high-quality boat. If you want a small, but confortable boat to fish, a Boston Whaler boat is a good option.