Carver is a Delaware Corporation with its principal place of business in Pulaski, Wisconsin.This boat manufacturer was founded by George Verhagen and Charlie Carter in a garage in Milwaukee in1954. They began constructing mahogany-planked runabouts. Charlie was the carpenter and George the machinist. They first built boats for their neighbors and themselves. Soon after,the partners relocated their business to Pulaski. Thus was worn what today is a millionaire boat manufacture.  In the 1970s, they began building fiberglass hulls.

This boat manufacturer expanded its business across the Great Lakes region by the 1980s. It truly became a renowned leader in the luxury  boat and motor yacht market. This company was very popular to introduce the aft cabin style motor yacht. This design became very popular and the synonymous of this brand. In 1991, Genmar Holding Inc. acquired this boat manufacturer.

Carver began producing yachts that included fiberglass stringer,no structural wood below the waterline and a seven-year limited warranty on deck and hull in the 1990s. This company also introduced the sophisticated and upscale Voyager and the Montego series by the late 1990s. Carver introduced the largest yacht ever: 57 Voyager Pilothouse in 2000.This boat manufacturer acquired manufacturing facilities in Fano, Italy in 2003. These installations were used to build its new line of Nuvari Yachts.  Nowadays, this company still produces world-class and elegant cruising vessels.

Carver boats are characterized by having hulls, decks and cabin tops with a solid fiberglass. If you search a boat with these features, this brand has a wide variety of options to you.