Catalina Yachts was founded by Frank Butler in 1970. Frank had the goal to build high-quality boats that are a good value for his clients. This is still his goal, so his boat manufacturer has become the largest sailboat builder in North America. The first model of this company was the Catalina 2. Frank hoped to build more boats if all went well. This boat manufacturer introduces then its second model that was a great success. This second model is still one of the most popular small sailboats around the United States. Most boaters know this model as the Volkswagen of the boat market.

In the 1970s, this company produces a line of boats that immediately was a sales success and won its class in the Newport to Ensenada race. By the 1980s, this brand became one of the most prestigious. This boat manufacturer won several awards and most boaters wanted to purchase a model of this manufacturer. Its production was expanded to the East Coast, Canada and England in 1984. This company produced new models with the best quality materials and they broke the production records in the United States in the late 1980s.This company introduced larger models in the 1990s. These boats were characterized to combine elegance and strength. Most models won awards and they were a sail successful in Europe.

Today, Catalina is a popular boat manufacturer. The owner of this company offers his customers the best watercrafts to enjoy sailing from waterway to waterway. If you search a boat to enjoy sailing, it is sure that this boat manufacturer has the ideal boat for you.