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Chris Craft is one of the most amazing world boat manufacturers, it kind of began around 1874 when Chris Smith built his first boat at the age of 13, but the enterprise was formally formed on 1922 under the name of Smith and Sons Boat Company, nevertheless, in 1930 the name was changed to Chris Craft. On 1960 the company was sold to NAFI but kept its former name.
Nowadays, Chris Craft produces several boat models; these are classified into 4 types:


Chris Craft offers a big variety of corsairs, from the simplest ones up to amazing big boats, among their characteristics, the fuel capacity varies from 34 gallons up to 286, capacity also varies according to the model, the simplest one can transport up to 5 persons, and the biggest one up to 12.


This is another type of models available, among their characteristics, the fuel capacity varies from 34 up to 185 gallons, and the person’s capacity varies from 7 up to 12.

Chris craft boat


One of the main characteristics of Catalina models is the roof, but is not offered on all models, the fuel capacity varies between 103 and 220 gallons and these models offer seats in the front and the back of the boat.

Future Models

Future models are actually extremely beautiful and big, their fuel capacity is 286 gallons and offer many commodities (as well as the previous models).
Remember that you can choose the colors, the electronics that will go inside (for example led screens, fish seekers), obviously the price will rise according to what you choose, but the results will be just astonishing. Finally, remember that on our website you can search boats information, find boats for sale, rent and much more, both about this brand as well as any other.