cobalt boat

Cobalt is a boat company founded in the late 60’s, on the 70’s it established as a luxury boat manufacturer. Cobalt boats are extremely beautiful, and are always trying to achieve excellence and quality. Cobalt produces six types of boat models, these are:

10 Series

The 10 series are the most basic Cobalt models, but at the same time they keep the elegance and luxury that characterizes this brand, this type has a certified person’s capacity that varies 11-12 persons, but their fuel capacity is quite low, varies from 40 up to 50 gallons.


Bowriders are bigger than 10 series boats, and their capacity of persons and fuel increase as well as the price, the fuel capacity varies between 50 and 150 gallons, the person’s varies 12 up, the maximum goes according to the company.

A Series

A Series boats are even bigger boats than Bowriders, their capacity increase, but the fuel capacity does not, nevertheless, as usual, keep the elegance and style, their person’s capacity varies 15 up, and the fuel capacity between 50 and 90 gallons

Water Sports Series

Water sports series are built to enjoy water sports as well as the experience of sailing on a luxury vessel, their fuel capacity varies between 40 and 73 gallons, and the boat certified capacity allows them to transport from 11 up to 15 persons.

Cuddies and Cruisers

Cuddies and cruisers are designed to provide excellent speed or also great commodities, these models do include a cabin. Their fuel capacity varies from 50 up to 174 gallons, and the person capacity varies from 13 persons up.

SD Series

SD series are designed under simple rules, like function and easy access, their fuel capacity is 50 gallons, and can transport from 13 persons up.
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