contender boat

Contender is a boat manufacturer dedicated to the fishing boats market. They produce several models, and of all them are perfect for sailing and finding the fish you want, nevertheless, are also perfect to enjoy a nice weekend with your family with all the commodities that Contender provides. Remember that on our website yon can search boats, find information about them, and also add your listings, so if you want to sell your vessel or get one, this place is perfect.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular models available:

28 Sport

This model includes some unique features, additional fuel capacity, custom seating configurations, instrument configuration and also amply dry storage. Its max fuel capacity is 185 gallons, and is definitely an excellent option for those who love fishing.


This series is just amazing, these boats are created to take you pretty much wherever you want to get the fish that will help you win any fishing tournament, and their fuel capacity varies between 175 and 500 gallons, and can have from 1 up to 3 outboards according to the model. Power, speed and design in only one series.


ST boats are the perfect option to get speed, power and also versatility to go pretty much everywhere, their fuel capacity varies between 265 and 500 gallons. The simplest ST models, besides providing great functions, also help you to not empty your wallet.

Fish Around

Fish Around models are high performance boats that provide comfort to all persons onboard and also amazing storage area, so in few words, are perfect for a fishing or family weekend. Their fuel capacity is 245 gallons, and includes air condition system.


Contender LS model is definitely a perfect choice to sail long distances on rough or calm waters. These models provide power, speed and also luxury. Their fuel capacity varies between 242 and 440 gallons, so as you can see, long distances is not a problem.