Crestliner boat

Crestliner produces a big variety of models, most of them are oriented to fishing, nevertheless you can also find sport and hunting models. Remember that on our website you can search boats, add your listings to sell your vessel, and much more, so take a look at all the options available.

This company classifies its boats into 4 main types:

Deep V Fish-Sport

This includes two models, Sportfish and Super Hawk, and both are oriented for sport and fishing, so perfect for going out with your family or friends to sail and enjoy the ocean whenever you want.  Their fuel capacity is not the biggest, it varies between 20 and 55 gallons depending on the model, and their person capacity varies between 6 and 9 persons.

Deep V Fish

This Crestliner series includes four models, Pro Tiller, Raptor, Fish Hawk, Kodiak and Commander, and all are oriented to fishing, beginning from the design of the boat and ending on the position of the instruments, controls and more. Their fuel capacity varies between 20 and 55 gallons, and thei persons capacity between 4 and 7.

Mod V Bass-Crappie

This includes four models, VT Series, TC Series, Storm Series and SS Series. These models were created to give all you need and avoid what you do not, excellent livewell storage and very durable building  materials. Their fuel capacity varies between 12 and 22 gallons, and their person capacity between 3 and 4.

Hunt Utility

This Crestliner series includes seven models, Ambush Series, Retriever, Sportsman, XCR, CR Jons, Retriever Jons and Retriver Jon Deluxe. These boats are created to provide what you need at the time of hunting and fishing, some of them even use special painting designs to camouflage. You can find them really simple and functional, but also including great features to achieve what you want. Their fuel capacity varies between 6 and 22 gallons, nevertheless, most of the boats use portable fuel containers. Their people capacity varies between 2 and 7 individuals.