Cruisers Yachts

cruisers yachts model

Cruisers Yachts is a boat manufacturer created in 1904 under the name of Boat Manufacturing Co, over the years the company grow and started to create better and better boats, so the materials evolved as well as the designs. In 1993 Stock’s KCS International Inc. did buy the company and changed its name to the current one, Cruisers Yachts. Nowadays the company keeps the original ideas, and has become into one of the best midsize and luxury boats provider. Take into account that on this site you can search boats and get all the info you need (both for buy or sell them), so if you are interested on these boats, take a look at our listings

This company produces several models of yachts, so let’s take a look at some of the most important ones:

310 Express

The 310 Express model is really amazing, it offers not only comfort but also the luxury you are looking for, its fuel capacity is 125 gallons and the water’s is 30 gallons. Remember that you can customize the colors, electric instruments and more, for example you can choose to have cockpit cover, or generators.

380 Express

This model offers a really beautiful cockpit and helm, the design and ornamentation is just great, so they look really good. This model offers 300 gallons of fuel capacity and 64 gallons of water capacity. Remember that you can also customize your 380 Express Boat, by adding things like bow thruster or a simple vacuum.

447 Sport Sedan

This is a bigger and more spacious than the previous models, and the design is just magnificent, it provides a space to enjoy the sun right next to the captain’s controls, the salon, galley and master stateroom are really beautiful. This model offers a second bedroom too, where you find a bed that can be split into two if it is necessary. Its fuel capacity is 340 gallons, and the water capacity is 100 gallons.

560 Express

This boat is just like a luxury residence, the cockpit is big enough to cook and have lunch outside, the helm is amazing, is ergonomically designed and at the same time, it keeps the luxury and modern style that Cruisers Yachts have. The cabin is simply astonishing, a big saloon and two amazing bedrooms. This sea monster can carry up to 650 gallons of fuel, and 149 gallons of water.