Custom boat

Custom Boat Mfg. Inc. is a company oriented to produce pretty much any type of aluminum boat, they have all the necessary technology and equipment to produce almost any aluminum component they are asked to, so actually they do not only produce boats. Custom Boat products are made using marine grades for regular duty and extra heavy duty, so if you are interested on search boats of this brand, you can use our website.

Let’s take a look at Custom’s product line:

Utility and Work Boats

These models are oriented to be safe, durable and stable. If you need a boat to help you do a hard work then these are just perfect, all the materials used are oriented to give you the best performance and also the best results, the hull is meticulously formed to provide rigidity and also last for a lifetime.

Custom Flat Boats

These models are oriented to pretty much whatever you want, Custom Flat Boats are produced following the exact customer’s specifications, so you will get exactly what you ask for, the shape of the boat can vary according to what you ask, for example, it can be square, vee bowed, semi-vee, flat bottomed, and also have single or dual console. Take into account that you will not find these models on the newspaper’s ads, unless some customer is selling his, because these boats are produced only under order.

Marine Accessories

As you know, Custom does not produce boats exclusively, but pretty much any aluminum part, for example you can find cabins, engine holders for boats, front and back bumpers, stairs for your boat, diving platforms, consoles, towing equipment, and much more.