Donzi boat

Donzi was founded in Miami in 1969 and produces over 20 fiberglass, from 27 to 43 feet, recreational powerboats, it is a division of American Marine Holding. Donzi boats are created for competition and also entertaining, some models are specifically oriented to speed, but there are others that are perfect for diving, fishing or enjoying the ocean with family or friends. Remember that on our website you can search boats in order to buy or sell them, so if you are interested on this brand, this place is ideal.
Let’s see some of the main Donzi boats:


All ZR models are oriented to speed and competition, the designs are oriented to generate the less air resistance as well as water’s, and also provide comfort and a great experience. Their fuel capacity varies between 86 and 314 gallons, and they all can carry up to 5 passengers, including the captain. Some of the models include a cabin, with several commodities, so you can take a rest whenever you want.


ZF models are versatile, they offer the right space to have a nice day with your family, enjoy fishing or do some sports, and at the same time experience the power of the engines. Their fuel capacity varies between 170 and 318 gallons, and the number of engines vary between 2 and 3 according to the models.


These models are simply Dozin’s sea monsters, they provide more comfort, luxury and beautiful designs, here you can find the DONZI 38 ZSF Sportfish Cruiser, which also offers a really beautiful cabin, where you can go sleep, rest or take a drink whenever you want. These boats have a fuel capacity between 261 and 420 gallons, and fresh water capacity between 14 and 50 gallons.