Formula boat

Formula is a boat manufacturer oriented to produce fun and safe boats, their designs are beautiful, and put together performance, style and also security. Their models are perfect for pretty much everybody, take into account that are not the best to store what you fished, but are ideal to enjoy the ocean and the commodities offered.
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Formula’s models:


Formula’s bowriders are simply perfect to spend a nice weekend with your family or friends, although their size is not the biggest, their design is modern and comfortable. Their fuel capacity varies between 60 and 172 gallons. Remember that if you have a special request, you can check the different things that can be added on these models, for example carbon monoxide detector, or warranty.

Sun Sport

These models provide you the design, style and performance you want, they are elegant and also powerful, so if you want to spend a weekend with friends or family and enjoy the sea as well as the vessel, this model is perfect. Their fuel capacity varies between 60 and 172 gallons,


FX models are really amazing; they have a more muscular hull, so the final design of each model is just amazing, some of them even have big and comfortable cabins, including things like refrigerators and kitchens. Their fuel capacity varies between 122 and 250 gallons,


If you are looking for comfort, space and also a lot of commodities then a yacht is a perfect choice, Formula’s yachts provide all you want and more, plenty of space outside to enjoy the sun, and spectacular design inside to rest from the sun, or have a meal or a drink. Yacht’s fuel capacity is about 350 gallons, and these sea beasts can carry up to 100 gallons.


These models join style, design and also, something that is very important for those who love it, speed. The models available are all amazing, their fuel capacity are around 113 and 195 gallons, and some of them even include beautiful cabins with modern designs.

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