Fountain boat

Fountain was founded by Reggie Fountain with the idea of create the fastest, smoothest, dependable and also safest boats on planet. Over the years, the boats created by this company have exceeded their limits, they are constantly being updated and improved, and this is reflected in the fact that Fountain’s boats have won many important races and awards. So, if you are looking for boats that are constantly being updated with better parts, better fuel consumption, a company that always search boats improvements, and better security systems then a Fountain’s boat is what you need.

The factory is located in North Caroline, that way they can test their advances on the Atlantic Ocean, but this is not all, the laboratory is used to test different materials and do research, that way this company can create new designs, test them, on the water and on computers.

Let’s take a look at some of the main models:

Sport Boats

Sport boats include models like 35, 38, 42 and 47 Lightings, and also the 42 Poker Run. Sport Boats are the perfect match between performance, speed and also style, some of the models can sail exceeding 114 miles per hour, so as you can see, are really fast. The hull of these models is perfect to achieve the speeds that are constructed for, they are all long and keep the balance of the boat all the time. Their fuel capacity varies between 160 and 340 gallons, and carries up to 5 persons.

Fish Boats

Fountain’s fishing boats are the perfect machine not only for fishing, but also to enjoy a nice weekend with family or friends, you can use them for other things besides fishing, for example diving or simply enjoying the magnificent view of the ocean. You may think that a fish boat is probably not the fastest, Fountain fish boats will change that idea, these boats can sail up to 65 miles per hour and still be safe. Their fuel capacity varies between 204 and 400 gallons, and the water capacity between 20 and 60 gallons.

Express Cruisers

These cruisers keep the style, performance and speed of the other Fountain models, these sea monsters can carry between 296 and 470 gallons of fuel, and can travel without being refueled approximately up to 588 miles. The cabins provided are really comfortable, they include TVs and private bathrooms for the master room, so if you are going out with friends or family, these machines are ideal. Their fuel capacity varies between 296 and 470 gallons, and the freshwater capacity between 50 and 80 gallons.

Military Patrol Boats

The Military Patrol Boat provided by this company will help you to catch pretty much any boat on the ocean, they can sail up to 70 miles per hour, and also provide safety and good performance. You can choose to buy them with an open cockpit or not, and between its features you can find: heating and conditioned air, weapons mounts and protection for arm fire. These boats have a fuel capacity of 300 gallons, and can be powered by up to 3 outboards.