Vintage Glastron

Glastron Brand has been committed, from its very beginning back in 1956, at finding a perfect balance between technologic innovation and advanced design. Founded by Bob Hammond, it was one of the first boat manufacturers to create fiberglass boats. Nowadays it is one of the largest companies in the world. It is well-known for its boat hull design innovations, including the Aqua lift and "SSV" hull designs.

Growing with the American boats industry, the Texas manufacturer saw quickly a worldwide expansion and began to distribute its boats in Europe in 1966. Over the years, Glastron has created many American style icons, such as the 1973 GT-150, that set a world record for the longest jump at the James Bond 007 film "Live and Let Die".  

Its 31 models belong to 5 families: GT series, MX series, GLS series, DS series and GS series. Any of them can be adjusted to the requirements of search boats buyers.

Glastron's rich legacy of design and performance is not just part of the past. The brand is taking on a whole new look and consumer reaction is outstanding. At 2012 it has launched a new line to celebrate its 55th anniversary. To mention just some of the new models, the new DS 200 features a fuel economic outboard engine that provides plenty of power for water sports and the new GT 160 offers a provocative and modern design inspired at the original GT of the late 1960’s. It includes four closed bow models designated as “Collector’s Limited Edition” boats, featured many upgrades from the standard.