Harris Flotebote

Harris Flotebote boats

This is an excellent manufacturer of pontoon boats that was founded in 1957 by the brothers Pete and Ernie Harris. Harris FloteBote forms part of the worldwide Brunswick family of boats. Its office is located in Indiana.

The pontoons of this brand definitely can be as a second home on board, they have many amenities. The Harris pontoons include storage, coolers, marine-grade carpet, the spacious layouts, plush lounges, among others. The design of these boats fit perfectly the needs of people who want to get party boats.
Whatever be the purpose of boaters, for relaxing, fishing, etc, boaters can find the ideal kind of pontoon according to their needs. The models that Harris Flotebote delivers are versatile and reliable. They are the following:

  • Crowne. This is the most luxurious pontoon boats in the market today. It has a length of 25’ (overall), and a capacity of 14 people.
  • Royal. Its optional entertainment center allows boaters to realize the greatest on-water parties. It has a length of 25’ (overall), and a capacity of 14 people
  • Grand Mariner. This is a luxurious model with a high performance, a roomy swim platform, an aft table, an aft lounger, an ample storage, etc. Its length is 25’ (overall), and its capacity is of 13 people.
  • Solstice. It is an ideal model for those who want to relax. It has optional transformer loungers with a selection of adjustments for comfort. Its length is 24’8’’ (overall), and its capacity is of 13 people.
  • Sunliner. Its rear swim deck gives additional space for a convenient water access. It has a length of 22’1’’ (overall), and a capacity of 12 people.
  • Cruiser. It offers a spacious storage. Some of the models are the cruiser FX and the cruiser CX. It has a length of 21’ and a capacity of 11 people.

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