Hydra Sports

Hydra Sports

Hydra sports started manufacturing fishing boats in 1973 and since then Hydra Sports Company take special care on the construction of their boats, with so much engineering and structural components that one cannot distinguish at first sight, that’s why they have great popularity among boat industry, their boats are not only unique in design and external appearance but also offer maximum comfort, durability and performance.

The manufacturers take special care in testing each one of the boats, they try to think and demand for perfection as a customer would do or even more demanding on each element of the boat to offer a quality product that could ensure your entertainment and safety. And if you’re interested mainly in fishing as the activity for your boat, they also take passion on the creation of boats, with fish boxes and other facilities.

Hydra sports has a basic philosophy for the process of manufacturing, “No compromises”, that aims to people to understand the boat owners and their objective to build the finest fishing boats; trying to be on the peak of quality, performance and innovation.
The most popular boat models of Hydra sports are:

  • Bay Bolt (Inshore fishing machines): 23 Bay
  • Vector (Tournament Ready- superior fishability): 2500 CC
  • Hydra-Sports Customs (True to you): 3000 CC, 3000 VX, 3400 CC, 3600 VX, 4200 SF

If you’re looking for a quality boat, that could allow you enjoy of your boat adventures without worries, then these models are the right for you, you can look for your preferred boat in our website, using our search boats tool.