Key West

Key West boat

Key West Boats has been designing and manufacturing awesome boats for over 20 years, and since 1986 they provide in each series of boats high quality and great customer service giving additional value to their boats; and the result? It is making more and more boat owners enjoy their boats.

Hutch Holseberg worked long hours very hard trying to build the largest selling midsized fishing boats we know today, we only can find in Key West. The company specialized in saltwater boats but, they can be used also on rivers and largest lakes. According to their slogan, these fishing boats have been designed by fishermen, that’s how they made popular their boats because who knows better the needs for fishing than a fisherman; however, they also produce great family boats, for recreational activities on the weather.

The boats manufactured by Key West boats are available in different sizes from 15 feet to 29 feet are divided into the following series:

  • Bay Reef Boats: 176 BR, 186 BR, 196 BR, 210 BR, 216 BR, 246 BR
  • Center Console Boats: 1520CC, 150CC, 1720CC, 176CC, 186CC, 189FS, 1900CC, 2020CC, 203ES, 211CC, 225 CC 2300CC SS, 2300CC, 244CC
  • Dual Console Boats: 176DC, 186DC, 2020DC, 203DFS, 211DC, 225DC.
  • Flats Boats: 1760ST
  • Skiff Boats: 166K,177SK, 197SK, 218SK,
  • Walk Around Boats: 2020WA, 211WA, 225WA, 2300WA
Key West company is popular for the fishing boats, for recreational boats, you will find the boat that could fit your needs and satisfy the requirements you have to enjoy of a boat trip in our website, just search boats and we will provide the adequate information.