Larson Boat was founded by Paul Larson ion the banks of Mississippi River, Minnesota in 1913. Paul realized that he had made more than a simple boat. Hebegan to discover the art and craft of boatbuilding. His small company produced some boat models and the company was born. Paul began his company with the purpose to offer the best familiar boating experience for several years. This boat manufacturer built boats with classic designs and craftsmanship as people fell in love with boating. Paul began selling boats in the lake of Minnesota and he was selling more boats throughout Minnesota and beyond by the late 1930s.

In the 1940s, this boat manufacturer sold several pleasure boats, but sales success stopped when the World War II started. This company had a government contract to build 26 feet training and patrol vessels. This stage also brought aluminum. This boat manufacturer only built boats all made of wood until aluminum became popular to build vessels. Paul introduced the Larson watercraft and Crestliner the first boats made with aluminum by this manufacturer in the middle 1940s. Then fiberglass, another boatbuilding revolution, came in the early 1950s. This boat manufacturer began building boats with this material and introduced several new boat models.

Paul was never completely satisfied with the state of the boatbuilding art. He decided to become its company the first to license new fiberglass equipment. It enabled his company to produce high-quality vessels in large numbers. In the 1960as and 1970s, more advances came and the company designed together internal foam/fiberglass combinations and stringer systems for better sailing,quitter ride and reduced vibration. By the late 1960s, this boat manufacturer installed radios with 8-tracj players in its boats. It also concentrated all its efforts on producing trailerablecruisers and runabouts.

This manufacturer began using the Delta Conic Hull after it obtained the rights. This design was patented by HarrySchoell in the 1980s.One of the best innovations came with the Virtual Engineered Composites (VEC) in 2000. This technology allowed this manufacturer to build uniforms boats as well as reducing styrene emissions by up to 90 percent.

Nowadays, Larson Boats still build and sell the most dependable and affordable boats with that remarkable performance and timeless style. The customers of this brand search boats with a great value and they find all of the features, extras, and details they would expect. This company is popular among boaters to use only the highest-quality materials and the best technology to build its boats. The employees of this boat manufacturer combine dedication to craftsmanship that Paul had when he was building his first boats.

Larson Boats has a wide range of options to purchase your dreamed boat. It offers currently more than 24 models ranging from 18 to 39 feet. This brand has the best boats to sail, fish and enjoy your time on waterways. Its boats combine style, performance, strength and good value. It has also won several awards for the quality of its boats.