Lund Boats began at New York Mills by Howard Lund in his garage. It is now an important division of Lund American Corporation. Howard first made boats for himself and his family. A boat salesman knew his work and he liked the double-pointed hunting boat that Howard built. This boat salesman placed an order for fifty boats with this design. This way, one of the most important boat manufacturers was born in Minnesota in 1948. This small business began with three employees in his garage. Soon after, Howard purchased a new building and he hired 15 employees.

In the late 1950s, this coat manufacturer expanded to take up 28 acres and Howard could employ more than 500 workers. This company began manufacturing a quality line of aluminum vessels from the small John Boat, which was s shallow draft and square-bow watercraft, to 25 feet boats for skiing, cruising and fishing. This company was very popular to build aluminum boats in the 1960s and 1970s, so Howard decided to open a new division to produce fiberglass boats.

Genmar Industries Inc. purchased this boat manufacturer in the late 1980s. This stage brought several changes for this company. Lund began to design new model and sell new lines of boats. This boat manufacturer built an extensive line of sportfish boats, canoes, and runabouts of fiberglass and aluminum. Brunswick Corporation purchased this company in 2004. This change allows this manufacturer to find new purposes and became the leader in the industry of aluminum boats.

Today, this company operates as a dealer of Brunswick Corporation. This boat manufacturer has a strong reputation for producing the highest-quality aluminum boats. It is also prestigious to produce the last fishing experience for its clients. It currently produces deck boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, luxurious fishing boats, sport boats and bass boats. The Lund line of boats is a comprehensive one, fashioned from high quality aluminum and fiberglass, into water craft ranging from 12 to 20 feet in length.

These boats are designed by fishermen, for fishermen, but can also double as a pleasure runabout, to pull water skiers, or racing along at a speedy clip for an exhilarating ride. If you search a boat like those, this brand offers you a several options. There are several sales offices, stores and dealers around America and Canada. You can find its markets wherever there are fishing lakes in California.

One division of this boat brand at Steinbeck, Manitoba, Canada makes most, but not all of the models that are made at New York Mills, Minnesota. But both factories are well placed for a boat maker, reaching the fishers where the lakes are. Another watercraft that's made for fun is the motorized surfboard. The "Surf Jet" is powered by a centrifugal pump which develops a hundred pounds of thrust. Made at Saint Paul, 95 % of the company's production is sold out of the state. This boat manufacturer produces over 200000 boats per year and it is a great work-force in Minnesota.