Mainship Corporation is a boat manufacturer that works as a subsidiary of the Luhrs Maine Group. Its history dates back to the 1930s when Henry Luhrs, a German immigrant, opened a small boat manufacturer. His sons, John and Warren, started two new companies: Hunter Marine and Mainship Yachts several years later. This boat manufacturer started to produce more than 1200 boats per year. This company became very popular for producing fiberglass boats. Its boating line was quickly expended in the next years to include several sedan double cabin and cruiser models.

This company soon built boats that were sales success. It was thanks of their father guidance. Warren used his boating knowledge to design and build new models. Hunter was born as part of this company, but it was very successful that it became an independent business. Hunter is currently a prestigious sailboat manufacturer in North America. Several expert angles search boats of these brands, because of the quality and performance they offer.

Mainship Corporation purchased a new plant in Marlboro, New Jersey. This place was the home of this bating brand until 1992 when this boat manufacturer moved to St. Augustine, Florida. The company began producing a new line that was inspired in European styles in 1988. This new line of cruisers combined strength, performance and elegance, so they became another sales success for this company.

In the 1990s, this brand introduced new models like the Trawler. Its new line included attractively motor yachts and priced sedans. The company earned an enviable reputation because of its modern low-cost methods of production. It was also famous to include a policy of incorporating a large list of standard gear with each model.

Nowadays, Mainship is the leader in the trawler market. This boat manufacturer currently produces affordable trawler-style cruisers that range from 30 to 45 feet in length.