Robert Schwebke founded Mako Marine in the Miami super of Hialeah in 1967. Roberts began his small boat manufacturer with few employees and a small facility. He produced fishing boats for his friends and relatives. Robert sold his company in 1970; he received an offer he could not refuse. In 1976, Schwebke bought his boat manufacturer again. This company was one of the innovators of the center console boat. This manufacturer promoted this prototype and encouraged to great numbers of anglers to use the utility of its design.

This boat brand immediately became popular among boaters. Anglers search boats of this brand to try the new models that this company built. Schwebke could manufacture from 3000 to 5000 boats per year during the 1990s. Schwebke's designs were not very sophisticated, but his boats offer customers a very interesting combination of performance and strength. They learned more of the boating industry and he began producing better vessels by the late 1970s.

Mako notably began the concept of a factory-sponsored fishing tournament. Several anglers wanted to be sponsored by this brand to participate in the most prestigious fishing tournaments. This practice is currently one of the most successful and common forms of marketing in the calendar of many major boating events.In the middle 1980sthe nameplate of this manufacturer became synonymous nationwide of the highquality center-console watercrafts.

Most boat manufacturers in the marine industry experienced a sales decline in the early 1990 and Mako was not the exception. This time period had a great impact on the boating industry. This fact made Schwebke purchased his company to H&J; Properties Corp in 1992. The company began to produce new models but they were not sales successful and the company had to shut down in 1994, temporarily. By the early 1994Schwebke still owned his company through H&J; Properties. An investment company of New York acquired the debt of Schwebke's company and this new owner took control of the company. Robert Schwebke left the company at the end of this year.

This boat manufacturer came back in operation in 1995. This manufacturer has been step by step regaining its former stature as one of the leading boat builders of the United States. Most anglers prefer to purchase a walk around and center-console fishing boat of this manufacturer. Fishers know that this company offers its clients the best crafts to enjoy sailing from waterway to waterway. They use real experiences, modern processes and feedback from boaters to build its boats.

Mako offers a wide range of options to purchase a freshwater or saltwater fishing boat. This boat manufacturer currently produces a modern line of boats. The main feature of these boats is that they are designed for several uses. This design ensures that the boat you choose will always be your trusted and most valuable fishing partner. Anglers can find boats that range from 16 to 28 feet length in this brand.

This company is now owned by Tracker Marine. This company is proud to offer its clients a high-quality product. If you want to purchase a boat of this brand, you can find a store or dealer around the United States.