Malibu Boats is one of the largest ski boat manufacturers in the United States. This company has several plants; one of them is located on the west cost of the US. This boat manufacturer was founded in 1982 by Robert Alkema. He and a group of his friends decided to begin a small boat manufacturer in California. This way, this important ski boat manufacturer began with five employees. This company initially built 100 custom ski boats. These watercrafts were sold to Roberts's friends and neighbors. Months later, he exhibited his new models in a shop in Merced.

Robert invested time to improve his design of boats. He only got to sell few boats despite his new creation during the first year of production. Alkema began to produce just two boats per week and he used a single hull design. In the early 1990s, this company won more awards than other competitors. The facility of this company was moved to its current production plan at Malibu Ct in California. The boat manufacturer became a successful business so it expanded around North America. Alkema purchased new plants in Tennessee, Loudon and Albury, Australia.

This company is now one of the few tournament ski boat brands. Many boat skiers want to be sponsored by this company. Its large production capacity and the strong marketing on boating events gave this company in a short time a renowned brand name. This company also enjoys the reputation of a high flyer. This manufacturer opened subsidiaries and dealers in Canada, Asia, and Europe after it won an enviable reputation in the boating industry.

In the 1990s, this company produced 20-footer and 21-footer boats. Its new models had the purpose to become this company the leader of watersport boats. By the late 1990s, this company built high-end ski boats that tow some of the most important tournaments. This fact encouraged this company to be the dominant manufacturer of tournament ski boats. Years later, this company had cleverly penned a deal with Chevrolet. This union brought several sales successes for this manufacturer. Most anglers search boats of this brand, specially the Corvette Limited Edition Ski Boat. The company built only 125 boats of this style.

Today, Malibu produces over 5000 crafts per year. It used a dealer network to sell its boats across the United States, Canada and many other countries. This business network has helped this company to be the largest seller of sport-focused boats worldwide. Its production line manufacturer currently boats that are divided into four categories. Each category is based on a specially intended purpose. Its Response series is designed for slalom-skiing and waterskiing. This series consists of two direct-drive ski boats. Its Wakesetter series was made for wakesurfing and wakeboarding.

Malibu now has over 600 employees and Robert Alkema was the Presidents of this company until 2004. Nowadays, this company is popular in the boating industry for producing models with the highest quality material and use the best technology on its boats. The boats of this manufacturer now count with keyless ignition and touch-screen-based instrumentation.