Maxum was established by Brunswick Corp. in 1988, but this boat manufacturer was created in 1987 as an up market complement of Bayliner, which was the manufacturing operational division of this corporation. Bayliner had a rapid expansion during the 1980s, so the managers of U.S Marine decided to form an independent product line with Maxum. This company initially produced few models that seemed to search an identity. Soon after, this brand became a distinct unit of Brunswick. This unit produced weekend cruiser and inexpensive runabouts. This small boat manufacturer counted with a professional work force that allows it to grow quickly.

In the early 1990s, this company introduces several new models into the boating industry. Some of these new designs became sales successes. Brunswick gave this unit more resources to design other models with fiberglass, so this boat manufacturer began to produce five to eight 35 feet and 46 feet boats per week. This brand followed the successful marketing strategy of Brunswick and Bayliner to become the largest fishing boat manufacturer. This strategy consisted in offering an entry level with high style at the lowest price.

By the middle 1990s, this company had several successes. It decided to offer something new to its customers, and it included bow and stern thruster on the small boats it produced. These new models helped boaters maneuver their boats easily. Soon after, most anglers wanted to get boats of this manufacturer. By the 2000s, this company, with great efforts, became the third largest manufacturer of fiberglass boats.

This boat manufacturer also changed its marketing strategy to sell its new designs in the 2000. This company began to focus on the cream of marine sellers of the world to be their supplier. This brand earned a great reputation that is why it was easy to sell its boats around the United States and other countries. This company also started to open up several dealers in the coast of North America. Its purpose was to expand its business and to compete with the highest brands like Luhrs or Malibu Boats.

Maxum opened new plants and hired the best boat designers to produce new boats. This brand introduced a line of runabouts at lower prices and fishing boats that combined performance and space capacity. This boat manufacturer also introduced a line of vessels like the 1800MX of Bayliner. This line was a great entry-level boat with a large list of over 50 standard features. This line offered anglers watercrafts with high-quality and a great performance. These boats were perfect for fishers who were looking more than the average sport craft.

Today, Maxum is a great boat manufacturer that produces over 2000 boats per year. It has won several awards because of the quality of its products. It has grown steadily over years and currently includes an entire stable of boats that range from 18 to 45 feet in length. It has subsidiaries in Washington and Arlington. This company is proud of being one of the most prestigious manufacturers of fiberglass pleasure boats and runabouts worldwide.

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