Monterey boat manufacturer

This is an excellent boat maker that you can take into consideration when you think in buying a boat. Monterey is a family owned company that was founded in 1985. For more than 25 years it has become one of the front runner manufacturers of vessels. Each of the models that Monterey builds is a testament of the commitment of the company to the perfection and to the service of customers. The headquarters of this company are located in north central Florida. This brand has received awards along years, that is why it is considered as a well recognized company. If you buy a boat from it, you will be considered as a new family member.

Having more than 500 boat builders working, this company is one of the largest private employers in Levy County (with more than 38 000 people). It has two main plants where boats are built. One is for the sports boats, and the other for sport yachts and cruisers. These plants are located near to the Williston Airport. Well, it is for sure you are interesting in knowing which the models of boats of this manufacturer are, so let's see which are them:


  • Sport Boats. This model is perfect for boaters who love the adventure. These boats are equipped with a list of standards, and are very comfortable. Some of the characteristics are the fuel efficiency, and precise handling. Among the standard features are the stainless steel rub rail, the extended swim platforms, the stainless steel through hulls, etc. Some of the boats are the 184FS, 204FS, 204FSX, etc.
  • M Series. These are versatile boats, with many configurations and options that allow them to fit your boat lifestyle. Among the boats here are the M3, the M3-MSX, the M5 and the M5-MSX. If you want to get a boat for fishing, cruising or for water sports then the standard model is right for you. If you want to enjoy of a party on water, then upgrading the M5 boat with the optional wet bar is a good choice you can take.
  • Supersports. The 328SS is a boat you can't leave to consider. It has many standards available such as plentiful seating areas aboard, a well equipped wet bar. This boat has a length of 32'2'' and it packs a powerful punch. Definitely this twin bowrider can be an excellent sport boat for you.
  • Sport Cruisers & Yachts. If we have to use some words to describe this kind of boats, those are "performance and luxury". Some of the things that make of this boat one of the best Sport Yachts are its design and engineering. You can appreciate the luxury of the boat, just seeing the interior. It has soft leather upholstery, simulated teak flooring and much more. This boat is not only luxurious; it has also a good performance that can be reflected in fuel efficiency and speed.

This company has received awards from the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) such as the CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) program for 5 years in a row. Such award can show that Monterey is a good manufacturer of boats.

If you are interested in getting a boat of this brand, then you can look for a dealer near your location. Find one and enjoy of all that Monterey offers to you!

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