Ocean Master manufacturer

In this section we are talking about the Ocean Master manufacturer, a company that was founded in 1975. This company offers outboard and diesel boats for fishing with a length of 18 feet to 34 feet. Here, you can read info about the models of this boat maker.

A man that is one of the pioneers of the Palm Beach sportfisherman, "Mark Hauptner", is the founder of this company.

This company uses the most advanced and proven construction techniques and high quality materials to build its boats. Each of the Ocean Master vessels are 100% hand laid in order to achieve the desired strength. Depending on the model are used 14 or 20 layers of Nytex biaxial and also fiberglass. It also uses NPG gelcoats and high quality vinylester resins to get boats that can be used many years.

The boats built by this brand are the following:

  • 27' Ocean Skiff. This is a complete new category of fishing boats. The models here are Center Console, Pilothouse, Single or twin outboard, etc.
  • 27' Hybrid. It conserves the legendary quality and strength of the boats of this brand. The models are the Outboard and Diesel.
  • 31' Center console. This model was launched in 1975. The boats here are the Outboard and the Diesel.
  • 34' Center console. It provides true long range offshore capability. The Ocean Master 34 is a safe and comfortable boat.

Other models are the 310 Sport Cabin, the 31 Express, the 336 center console, the 336 Express, among others.

Ocean Master Marine 1525 53rd Street West Palm Beach, FL 33407 Phone (561) 840-0448

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