Pontoon boats

Pontoon boats

The pontoon boats, also known as “Party Boats” have gained preference of the boaters who want to enjoy of a great time with family, maybe fishing or doing another activity by traveling in lakes and rivers. The characteristic of being very stable, even more than other types of boats, make that pontoons boats be the preferred ones to fish. They aren’t expensive. Currently, there are many manufactures that build this awesome boat, so here, we present you with a list of the most well-known manufactures of the last years, but before let’s read a basic concept of a pontoon boat.

This boat owns a hull constructed of sponsons or round tubes, which are connected to the outside bottom edge of a large flat deck. The size of the boat ranges from 16 feet to 22 feet and the capacity will depend on it (It can carries 6 to 12 people).

Top manufacturers of pontoons boats

The following are companies that build these kinds of boats, and that have been considered as the highest in the pontoon segment.

This brand that stands out in styling and design of pontoon boats, started in 1997. They are always committed to improving the quality of their products and offer excellent service to their customers. This pontoon maker has been received many satisfaction and quality awards.

They classified the pontoons in four series:

  • Q Series.  The Q series have more luxury options in comparison with any other series. Among the characteristics are the signature Streamline Rail System, the best seating design, among others.
  • R Series. It also offers luxury options. It has a splendid exterior design. One of the characteristics of this series is that this has the most plan variations.
  • G Series. This series offers a classic style and comfort. Among its characteristics are the seating comfort and the wide variety of floor plans,
  • S Series. This series is especially designed for new boaters. These boats allow you to enjoy of getting out on the water. Some of the characteristics are its consolidated floor plan choices with unique amenities.

Crest Marine
The Crest pontoons have been in the market for around half century. These boats have security features, trendy design, and much more. This brand owns an experienced team that creates a good design and gets a high quality manufacturing, etc. This company uses processes and methods to build a high quality pontoon boat.

Some of the models they build are:

  • Savannah. It is the ultimate expression of innovate design. It has a great comfort, good performance, and structural superiority.
  • Caribbean. It is a good option to enjoy of pure pleasure, of an excellent laid-back relaxation, of a comfort, etc.
  • Classic. This model includes custom seat design, high quality materials, etc. This is a standard series , but that allow you to enjoy of hitting the water.
  • Crest II. This is one of the most successful nameplate in Crest pontoons.

This brand has manufactured pontoons since 2001. Manitou has received many awards (Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction index) for the boats it builds.
This company produces some of the most secure pontoons on the market. The variety of models they build made of this company a one of the top rated pontoon boat makers.

Among the leisure pontoons this brand offers are the following:

  • X-plode. This model delivers the new in pontoon performance. It has    better hole shots, higher top-end speeds, great stability in rough water, among others.
  • SES. It is a good example of the kinds of boats that Manitou builds. It has an awesome lounging group that can be converted into a picnic seating.
  • Legacy. This is one of the most luxurious models of this brand. This boat allows you to enjoy of an exquisite fit and an innovative design.
  • Encore. This offers more floor plans, better use of space, more storage, and more options than any other boat of the same class.

Nautic Global Group
It is one of the fourth largest manufactures of boats. It has more than 60 years on the market.  Nautic Global Group was formed in 2005, with the merging of Rinker Boat Company and Godfrey Marine. This company offers high quality services, professionalism, value and innovation to boaters around the world.

The Godfrey company has built more boats than any other brand and it has also received many awards (more than 20 CSI awards). There are four series of pontoons that this brand builds.

  • Sanpan. This is a legendary Luxury boat that offers style and class
  • Aqua Patio. This is the perfect combination of value and quality. These are high performance pontoon boats.
  • Sweetwater. There is a variety of sizes and options to select a Sweetwater.

Premier Marine

This is a family-owned company. It was founded in 1992. The characteristics that difference this company from others are its classic design, its superb engineering and distinctive style. It focuses in new product development, practical design, continue innovation, etc.
The wide range of pontoons boats that the Premier brand offers are classified as follows:

  • Luxury: Some models are Grand Majestic, Elite, Grand Isle, Intrigue, etc.
  • Touring: Some models are S-Series, Solaris, Solaris RF, etc
  • Fishing & Cruise. The models include: Cast-a-way, Alante, Explorer, Gemini, etc.

Other well-known manufactures of pontoons are:

  • Forest River Marine.
  • Harris Kayot Marine.
  • Lowe Boats.
  • Prairie Adventures.
  • Smoker Craft.
  • Tracker Marine.
  • Triton Boats.

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