An aluminium boat

In 1954 Princecraft manufacturer, originally called Aluminum Boats and Canoes, was founded in Princeville, Quebec, Canada. That is probably why their web sites still offers a French version, as few of the main boats companies. Since then, Princecraft has changed ownerships several times while keeping building the highest-quality aluminum boats.

In 1973 it was purchased by the Aluminum Company of Canada (ALCAN). In 1985 Princecraft pontoon boats are introduced to join the aluminum fishing boat family, providing the same high quality and comfort. Five years later it was acquired by the Outboard Marine Corporation. In 1992 Princecraft launched its first deck boats, based on the performance of innovative hull designs. And nine years later it was bought by the Brunswick International Limited , and then officially become Princecraft Boats, Inc.

In 2004 Princecraft Brand celebrates a 50-year heritage of quality craftsmanship with over 300 employees and a reliable dealers' network throughout Canada and the U.S.A.

To search boats one should be aware that Princecraft aluminum boats are built using H36 aluminum for uniform strength and durability, which is 25% harder than the aluminum used by many other manufacturers.

Since they are designed to last for decades, these aluminum boats are great values. Each of the boats of its eight fishing boat series, its seven potoons series and its unique deck boat series are born from a superior craftsmanship that provides a higher level of quality compare the design, styling, amenities, ergonomics and comfort. They also feature an unparalleled performance and durability. With a legendary fit and finish, Princecraft boats provide hassle-free boating.