Pursuit boat

Pursuit became what it is today after many years of hard work and by the hand of Leon Slikkers, these boat manufacturer produces vessels both for fishing and sports, as well as for having a nice weekend with those you care about. Here you will information about some of the most recent and popular models of this company, so enjoy.


Offshore models produced by Pursuit are perfect for those days when you want to go away from the coast and spend long hours in the ocean, fishing, diving, enjoying the sun or any other activity you want to do in the open sea. Their fuel capacity varies between 130 and 370 gallons. Take into account that these models are specially created for fishing, so they all have livewell capacity and fishbox capacity.

Center Console

Center Console boats are designed to provide comfort on those sunny and exhausting days on the sea, these boats also provide space for livewell and fishbox capacity. Their fuel capacity varies between 105 and 260 gallons, so as you can see, these machines are ideal not only for fishing, but also to enjoy the magnificent ocean without worrying too much of the heat or space.

Dual Console

Dual Console boats produced by Pursuit, provide the elegance and design needed for a boat that is not just for fishing, but also for activities like water skiing, wake boarding, diving and more. These boats have a fuel capacity of 139 gallons, and their fresh water capacity is about 18.5 gallons. Among the special features, this model can include an electric engine as well as satellite radio.


If you search boats that do not include livewell tanks or fishboxes, and are all oriented to sports and having fun then these mode is simply perfect for you. Their fuel capacity varies between 220 and 260 gallons, and their horsepower between 500 and 600. Some models even include diving tanks and equipment security systems to ensure your equipment whenever you are diving or out the boat.

Inshore Series

These models are perfect for those who want to sail over the ocean or lakes, their sizes are not the biggest, but are perfect to have a nice weekend with friends or family.