Ranger fishing boat

Ranger boat is a company that has more than 45 years in the boats manufacturing area and they can provide more than 40 different models for any user that is looking for a boat. The company started long time ago when its founder and his partner were working in a fishing guide service. That experience was pretty useful since they started to think that although the servicer is not bad they can improved it and that people were looking something different, more comfortable, more efficient and that demonstrate that they are a quality service.

Once the owner of the company (Forrest wood) has decided to enter to this business he began his designing plan of the perfect fishing boat, which consist on asking costumers and anglers about the service and the boat, then templates comes to mind and the beginning of a prospered business start. His first boat was so well accepted among the guides and anglers that the business took off very easy.

A ranger began with only six boats in a small place in Flippin, Arkansas, but was moved to a bigger place at the edge of the town. The production of the manufacturer has increase very much reaching the 1200 boats number that was the double than the year before.

Even with the catastrophe that happens in 1971, were the family business faced the boat plant burn, the owners to not leave their hands down and they fix its production and plant in only 40 days.

Forrest was a fishing lover and he entered a short time after the catastrophe to some very competitive tournaments, where he use the situation to be better known among people that were in the tournament, that makes Ranger a popular company and also that situation make the company and Forrest Wood pioneers in the fishing sport.

Ranger is a pioneer in several other aspects, such as: use a powerful 6-gauge motor, utilization of fiberglass on the components of the seat to provide a larger useful live, a computerized balancing and laser axle alignment machine on trailers, a method for manufacturing parts that consist in resin for molding the parts of the boats, brakes on trailers, the zero ozone depletion flotation to threat better the environment and do not pollute as much as a regular fishing boat and several other features that you are going to find as great for the environment and for your comfort.

This company also invented a device that allows the catching fish to be alive during a fishing tournament, so they can be released once they the competition is over. The company also notice that most of the boats spend more time storage than in water and that the hull suffered damage because the boat does not fit exactly on their trailers, so they made a customize trailer for every kind of ranger boat so they can avoid any damage while storage.

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