The Classic Riva Boats

Riva is one of the most important leaders in the construction, design and sale of motor yacht around the world. Nowadays, this brand has become a synonym for status, elegance and perfection.

The history of this Company was initiated after a sudden storm on Lake Como. This storm caused irreparable damage in the boats. The fishermen were discouraged because they were without means to work.Following this incident, a young carpenter who was a newcomer in Sarnico repaired most of the boats, earning the admiration and esteem of the people of the town.

This young carpenter was Pietro Riva, who opened a shipyard in this area where design and developed his first creations.He offered several types of boats, and his creations were like nobody had ever seen before.

Thus Riva became a well-known and his business prospered quickly under the management of Ernesto Riva, Pietro Riva's son.In this time, Ernesto Riva decided to raise the quality of yachts with technical innovations, changing an artisan production for a tech production.

Ernesto also had the great idea to fit the internal-combustion engines on the yachts, and in this time, Riva produced large yacht and boats for goods over the lake and transporting people.

Serafino Riva transformed his company in a true brand, that which would go down inhistory, and offered new models with the tiller hard and production was geared to motor-boating. In the 20s and 30s, the Riva Company won several victories with its models in both international and national competitions, and broke a large number of records.

Since then Riva creations are an object of desire for queens and kings as well as actresses, actors, businesspeople, sports champions and celebrities of all Kinds, so if you want to get more information about Riva models, you can search boats in our site.