The Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht

Riviera is the most important boat manufacturer in Australia. It is considered the largest, most respected and most awarded luxury Boat Company.Riviera was created in Sydney in 1980, and after a year of operation, the company moved to Queensland.The main office of Riviera is located in Coomera.

Currently, the company produced around 350 boats a year and exports around fifty per cent of its production to 30 countries around the world.The Company produces boats from thirty to eighty five feet in length in five lines: Sport Yachts, Motor Yacht, Open and Enclosed Flybridge and Offshore Express models.

Both in Asia and Australia, Riviera won several awards with different models in 2007. For example, Riviera Company obtained the Safety Award with the Riviera 56 Enclosed Flybridge and the Modern Boating magazine Cruiser of the Year trophy with the Riviera 4700 Sport Yacht, and three weeks later, this model obtained the Australian Marine and Boat of the Year awards.

The Riviera Company offers a new model every 90 days, and the Company produced the 45 Open Flybridge, the 41 Open Flybridge, the new line 48 Offshore Express and 4400 Sport Yacht featuring Volvo Penta IPS propulsion in 2007.

Nowadays, Riviera has style, quality, value, innovation and sea keeping ability in its products.This company has as a main objective to deliver outstanding boating options.This company has as a main objective to deliver new models with fresh innovation in terms of performance, quality, design and interior fit out boats.

Some of Riviera's models are the following:

  • Sport Yachts: 4700 Sport Yacht, 4400 Sport Yacht and 3600 Sport Yacht.
  • Sport Cruiser: M400 Sport Cruiser and M360 Sport Cruiser.
  • Flybridge: 70 Flybridge Enclosed, 56 Flybridge Enclosed, 56 Flybridge, 51 Flybridge Enclosed, 51 Flybridge, 47 Series II Flybridge Enclosed, 47 Series II Flybridge Open, 45 Open Flybridge, 41 Open Flybridge, 38 Open Flybridge and 33 Series II Open Flybridge.
  • Offshore Express: 48 Offshore Express.

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