Sea Hunt

A Sea Hunt boat

Sea Hunt Boats Company, INC. was founded in 1995 by a father and son's partnership in Columbia, South Carolina. Named after the 50s television series, Sea Hunt started building center console fishing boats in a one room shop. Since 2006 it operates in a state of the art 170,000 square foot facility. Keeping the original attention to details, its designs are beautiful viewed from the bow. More important for those who search boats, Sea Hunt boats are good values. Each of them is built by combining high quality materials, craftsmanship, boat design, performance and styling. Its design team plans the best use of space inside the hull as well as the most cockpit room and storage space possible.

One of the Sea Hunts manufacturer innovations is the Vortec Hull, launched in 2008 on the Triton 177 and later incorporated to larger boats. It is a soft stable hull that will perform with smaller horsepower that also offers great handling characteristics and overall stability. Its Step Keel characteristic (sharp keel transitions to a step pad just under the leaning post) provides advantages such as better fuel economy and more top end speed. All these features are enhanced when larger horsepower is applied.

Sea Hunt salted water fishing boat models come in range from 17 to 29 Feet and are organized in several series:

  • The Gamefish series
  • The Sea Hunt Bay Boats BX series
  • The Ultra series
  • The Victory Walk Arounds series
  • The Escape series
  • The EDGE 24