Sea Ray boats

Sea Ray boats

If you want to buy an excellent sport boat, then you can buy a boat from the Sea Ray brand. Here, we provide you with information about this company that includes the places where it operates, the models of boats it makes, and more.

This company was founded in 1959, and then was bought by Brunswick in 1986. It operates as part of the Brunswick Boat Group (a division of Brunswick Corporation). This company is one of the largest manufacturer of boats and it is based in Knoxville and Tennessee.

Where Sea Ray operates?

It builds pleasure boats that are sold around the world. A factory of it is located in Tennessee and another in Florida. Its offices are placed in those states and also in the Netherlands, and Singapore.

In addition, if you want to buy one of the boats of this brand, then you must know that it has a large group of dealers in the world. The dealer network of this brand includes among others the North American Master Dealer Network.


For more than 50 years, Sea Ray has designed the most technologically advanced and best built boats, that is why it has received important recognitions and awards such as the Customer Satisfaction index Award.

Each boat of this brand reflects the commitment to innovation, precision and craftsmanship of this company. The most selected professionals of the Marine industry are in charge of the testing of the materials, the details and design of these boats.

This company builds a line of boats which size ranges from 17 to 61 feet. These boats own a high standard in technology, engineering and aesthetics.


Among the variety of boats of this brand, are the following:

  • Sport Boats. The size of these boats range from 18 feet to 30 feet. They have more standard features than other boat in the same class. The line of these boats includes the Sundeck, SLX, Sport, Weekender, Sun Sport and Overnighter models. Some of these boats are the 205 Sport, the 200 Sundeck, the 230 SLX, among others.


  • Sport Cruisers. The size of these splendid boats range from 24 feet to 37 feet. One of the features of the Sea Ray Sport Cruisers is their hulls in an array of excellent gel-coat colors. Some of the boats included in this category are the 240 Sundancer, the 255 Sundancer, among others.
  • Sport Yachts. They range from 38 to 51 feet. The combination of performance and luxury make of this a unique boat in its class. The meticulous craftsmanship and lean lines are some of the features of these boats. Some of the boats in this category are the 410 Sundancer, the 500 Sundancer, the 450 Sedan Bridge, etc.


  • Yachts.  They range from 52 feet to 61 feet. Definitely these boats are a work of art. They are the most sought-after vessels to hit the water. These vessels combine standard and luxurious features. Some of the boats included in this category are: the 520 Sedan Bridge, the 580 Sundancer, the 610 Sundancer, among others.

Location in the United States
2600 Sea Ray Blvd. Bldg. 1
Knoxville, TN 37914
Phone: 865-525-5977
Fax: 865-971-6434

Well, now you know more about the models and characteristics of the boats that this brand builds, you can look for more specific details if you are interested in some of its models.

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