Sealine boats

Sealine is a boat manufactures and was founded in 1972 by Tom Murrant, an individual boating enthusiast. He started and built his company with the belief that he could create a better boats than those offered in the market.

Considering the idea that he had to create better boats, he began to create his own model and created his Sealine Company at the same time.At the time, he didn't know that his company would become one of the best boating companies both in the past and in the present.

This company has around forty years building and designing boats, and is one of the leading boating companies around Europe. There are several boating companies that come close to the Sealine, but not many have been able to overtake this company in this industry.

The models of this company are run for people, who love boating, and the company not only has excellent models, but also has a highly skilled staffand most of them are marine enthusiasts.Some of the employees are working in the company since the creation of the first Sealine cruiser, "The 23ft Continental". Each employee is an expert in their respective area such as metal and wood working, interior design, mould-making, lamination, upholstery and naval architecture.

Sealine offers nine models between sports boats, luxury motor yachts and flybridge cruisers. There are models such as 35 Sport, SC 35, SC 42, SC 47, T60, T50, C 48, F 48 and F 42, and if you want to get information about Sealine models, you can search boat in our site.