Silverton, a luxury brand

Actually, Silverton is one of the most famous boat manufacturers in the United States. This company is specialized in yacht and luxury boats. The dream began in the 1800s when a German immigrant Henry Luhrs arrived to the United States with advance knowledge in the outfitting of trading ships; eventually he owned a chandlery and a ship. Years later his grandson inherited this great love to ships and continued with the family business of building and repairing cruisers and fishing boats on the New Jersey coast. This way, Henry and his sons, Jhon and Warren constructed more than thousand ships a year.

In 1965 the company Henry Luhrs Sea Skiffs was sold to a timber conglomerate "Bangor Punta". This was the point to begin again, the brothers Jhon and Warren started a new company buying a small builder named Silverton Sea Skiffs, they followed the techniques of ship construction that their father knew. The company constructed ships, boats and yachts. By demand, the company moved to Millville, NJ. At the same period, the brothers founded two new companies more. These new companies were Hunter Marine, America's leading sailboat builder and the acquisition the leading Trawler builder Mainship.

Years later, the brothers bought the company that they created with their father Henry Luhrs Sea Skiffs initiating an imminent success. Consequently, if you want to search boats of this brand, you can find all them in our page, specially the Silverton boats, example of a great American company who loves the sea like their customers.