Skeeter boat

Skeeter boats INC, is one of the American companies that has a large tradition of efforts and achievements. Actually, it has produced a variety of boats, all of them of a top quality which are the preferred by American people. With a heritage of 60 years, the experience, quality and technology are reflected in each boat this brand produces; since 1948 when Holmes Thurman manufactured the first boat in the east Texas, town of Marshall, in nearby Shreveport, Louisiana and unveiled to the world a boat with a new stability and sleek design, the last characteristic was the reason why the boat received the name of skeeter, its long needle-shaped nose like that of a mosquito.

Years later, in 1950 this recently created company innovated the market of fishing boat using a new material at these time, that material was the fiberglass. With this new material was built boats in different sizes and styles. This way, these boats began to be popular in the whole south, even today; many are still used by avid fishermen. The success of the business drew attention of Ben Cook, co-founder of Stemco Corporation, who bought the company and moved its plant to a bigger operation location in Longview, Texas.

The company changed the name to Skeeter Marine and began to manufacture boats and ships more big and powerful, the fiberglass was an important material in the construction, new styles of boats like Magnum Boats, Tri Hulls born in the mid of the 60s. However other brands of the company like Hawk and Sweet Thing were the leading sellers and were the favorites of the best anglers of those days. The entire decade of 1970 was a period of growing for the company, developing the first V-bottom bass boat with 150 horsepower, this way the company was clearly in the lead of innovation; even today, many boat companies copy the design of these boats.

In 1983, the Coleman Company, famous for its camping equipment bought the company once more. The Skeeter Marine began to manufacture sport boats for competitions, because of the competitive tournament bass fishing increased in those times. As the necessity of producing boats for fishing and skiing the company manufactured speed boats like the Skeeter's Fish n' Ski series, models considered specials in its series. In the 90s and the first decade of 2000, this brand was one of the most important and innovative in the sector of fishing boats.

Nowadays, the brand is recognized by its quality in all rivers of the United States. This was a resume of the successful story of one of the most important companies in the building of fishing and sport boats. Also, we have named the main boats produced by this brand.

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