Smoker craft boats

The Smokercraft brand has produced top quality boats, since 1961. This is a company formed for a family who love boats and water until now. This family-owned company has the mission of providing the best value on the water. Its innovative team provides top quality marine products and outstanding customer service.

Why to choose the smokercraft?

Among the characteristics of the boats of this brand are the following:

  • The boats have a smarter helm with an adjustable slider/swivel seat and with an elevated console that allows having more leg room.
  • They are specially designed for fishing. They own open floor plans that allow boaters to have more room to fish. Also they have deep freeboards and toe-kicks to improve safety.
  • The strength and durability is another characteristic of these boats. An AIRS (Advanced Integrated Rib System) hat-shaped ribs and 125 gauge bottom, with 5 keels improve performance and protect the hull.


Among the boats they build are the following:

  • Fishing boats. Among the series of these boats are the Millentia, Pro Mag, Ultima, Bass boat, etc. Just as an example, the Millentia turns heads faster than any other boat of its class. This is a pro-style fishing boat that can assure the fun of family.
  • Utility boats. Here are included series such as Freedom, Big Fish/Pro Mag, Voyager, Canadian, among others. As an example, the Freedom series have a length of 18’11’’ and 16’11’’.
  • Jon boats. They are other high quality boats that have a wide range of seating options and lengths.

You can find a dealer of this brand near your location.
Smoker Craft, Inc.
68143 Clunette St
New Paris, IN 46553-3700
United States
Phone: (574) 831-2103
Fax: (574) 831-7059

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