Starcraft Boat

Starcraft Boat

This is a family owned company that offers customers exactly what they want. Currently, the Startcraft Company is run by the same family that founded the brand in 1903. Along the years the family has been dedicated to lead the boat industry in innovation and quality.

Why to choose a Starcraft boat? Well, this brand offers affordable, safety-minded and versatile boats. Whether boaters want to buy a sporty runabout, a fishing boat or a luxury pontoon, then Starcraft is going to give them all they need.
The Starcraft Marine Company builds the following boats:

  • Pontoon.  Among the series are the Majestic, Limited, Starfish and Stardeck series.  As an example the Majestic series (pontoons) provide options such as a wet bar, underwater lighting, a super-splush, etc.
  • Fishing boats. The Fishmaster, Superfisherman, STX are some of the models of these boats.  The Fishmaster is the last big water boat. Some of its characteristics are its deepest interior, its widest beam, etc.
  • Deckboat. The series are the Crossover, the Start Step I/O, the Limited I/O, etc. The 240 SCXIO is a model that has a length of 24’3’’, a fuel capacity of 75 gallons, and a capacity of 13 people.
  • Runaboat. The series are the Limited I/O, Limited Sport.  The Limited I/O features extra-large stern swim decks and rear entry floor plans.
  • Utility boats. Freedom, SF DLX/PRO Troller, Alaskan, are some of the series. The 180 Freedom TL has a length of 18’11’’, a fuel capacity of 18 gallons, and a capacity of 6 people.
  • Jon boats. The length of these boats range from 10’ to 16’.

Remember that you can find a dealer of this brand, that has over 100 years of experience, near your location and get an excellent Starcraft boat.

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