Tahoe boat

Tahoe boats manufacturers are especially committed to craft quality products for family entertaining and outdoor activities; they put the many years (over 30 decades) of experience and knowledge acquired into each one of the models they offer; you can enjoy the fullest your boat trip with your family and friends with no worries and a complete peace of mind.

When you buy a Tahoe boat, the manufacturer offers several facilities, including quality installation certified internationally, you have also two year limited engine warranty, and prices standard, whether might be the place in which you buy your boat. Warranty includes the hull, interior stringers and workmanship defects for five years, it also cover the components for one year.

All boats are NMMA certified to ensure the quality of the manufacturer, it would also help you have peace of mind when buying your boat whatever adventure you might be looking for.

Tahoe Company has three main models for boat options; each one provides everything for you and your family for the activity you might want:

Tahoe Ski and Fish Boats: you can enjoy of one of the best fishing days on board of these boats, just from the comfort of your seat of the boat, as well as an standard trolling motor, some of the boats include features useful for water sports.

  • Q4 SF – 8 person capacity
  • Q5 SF – 8 person capacity
  • Q7 SF – 9 person capacity

Tahoe Runabout Boats: These are boats for family; in each series they offer the most luxurious and fun, sport boats for you and your family to enjoy without worries of a day full of water sports and much more.

  • Q4i/SS – With capacity for 8 person and allows you to enjoy of the sea with style.
  • Q5i – With capacity for 8 people also, and including luxury and comfort for each one of your passengers.
  • Q7i – With capacity for 8 people also, it's one of the top luxury boats in the series, you can enjoy of any day as a holiday on board.
  • Q8 SSi

Tahoe Deck Boats: Tahoe deck boats are unique in comfort, versatility and style; these boats offer huge amounts of interior space in order to help you organize different activities such as swimming, picnics, and more.

  • 195 – This boat model has 8 people capacity, and plenty of power.
  • 215 CC
  • 216 WT
  • 225
  • 228
  • 215Xi – This boat model has enough capacity for 12 people, and is one of the boats that offers extreme versatility, for you and your family to enjoy extreme amounts of fun.

No matter what type of boat you need, for which activities you need it, our website will help you to find the right for you; you must just search a boat and the characteristics you require and we will show you the boat information. If you want more information you can visit the website of the manufacturer that will instruct you on safety and models also, including: Orientation and recommended equipment, inspection and preparation, trailering, engine operation, boat operation, operating systems and storage and maintenance.