Tiara boat

Tiara Manufacturer has over 52 years of experience in the commitment of design, engineering and offer the boats they produce with the highest standards and specifications to satisfy every customer needs. The company with each one of the boats they produce try to build trustful relationship with suppliers and specially with boat owners to inspire confidence among them.

The Tiara Yacht tradition started with Leon Slikkers, who with his family members began the operations even with his children, on a business under their apartment, the place where the main (and sometimes only) topic of conversation were the boats. Leon's children followed their father steps and followed him when decided to innovate the construction for sailboat, he and his sons moved the manufacturing to a new location where they started from the beginning again, looking for reshape the niche in the marketplace with more capital and support from his family in 1955.

The first models produced become very popular for racing and cruising, in the following years they won international competition and due its popularity they introduced the line Pursuit fishing with the construction of more plants and a new administration. The main company got divided into several lines such as Pursuit fishing boats, S2 Yachts, and Tiara Yacht and other in the way. Nowadays you can see that the company continued to succeed although al changes and expansion; it's because they differentiate from other companies in quality, great design, innovation, service and confidence with customer and employees.

If you are looking for a boat in the Tiara boats, you can search boats and find the best fits your needs and we will help you with it. The following are some of the most popular series in Tiara yacht production:

  • 3900 Convertible
  • 4800 Convertible
  • 3100 Coronet
  • 3100 Open
  • 3600 Open
  • 3900 Open
  • 4300 Open
  • 3500 Sovran
  • 3900 Sovran
  • 4500 Sovran
  • 5800 Sovran