Trojan boat is a popular company that has as a main activity the manufacture, sell and rent of boats, this company starts their activity in 1949. Trojan Boat was created by Jim McQueen and Harper Hull.

With the firmly idea of idea of create a new company Jim McQueen and Harper Hull traveled to united states. When they were there decided to buy a little boat company called Boatworks Cottrell-Spoore.

The initial name of the company was changed for The Trojan Boat Company, and with the time the company opened new headquarters in Pennsylvania and Lancaster, the company had several economic problems but with the time this boat company, becomes in a successful business.

The big variety of the products and services that this company offers are an important part in the progress and success of the company. The high quality and the most modern products are its best letter.

The boats and articles that Trojan boats provide are manufactured with the most modern materials, offer security, high quality and the last technologies in its design. All the devices in Trojan Boats offer comforts.

The Trojan boats are very popular. They are manufactured considered one of the most all the security requirement and offer all the comforts that you could imagine, majority of them are manufactured with wood and fiberglass.

In Trojan Boats the most important is the comfort and security of the passengers and try to use the last technology and the most modern engineering in the design of the models. If you search a boat or want to buy a new Trojan boat in order to take the right decision we recommend professional consultancy.

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