Yamaha AR 240

In 1953, Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. (YMC) was founded in Japan by Genichi Kawakami. Five years later it began marketing in USA through an independent distributor in California. In 1960 it took over the USA sells with the creation of the Yamaha International Corporation and produced the first Yamaha boats, the CAT-21 and the RUN-13, and outboard motor, the P-7 123cc. As Yamaha bulldozer triumphed in every challenge it took, it could have not been other way when it came to built boats: utilizing the new engines and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) technologies, it gained quickly a strong reputation as a superior boats manufacturer.

Since 1980 the YMC, U.S.A., headquarters are settled in Cypress, California. Nowadays Yamaha WaterCraft Group is the division of YMC, U.S.A. on charge of the Marine products. With a clear commitment to "walking in the customers' shoes" and based on superior performance, innovation and reliability, Yamaha award-winning boats are designed to exceed purchasers' expectations in thirty-three countries they are sold. Walking hand in hand with original ideas, Yamaha creates exceptional quality, unmatched performance and extraordinary value products. Its products line includes outboard motors, ATVs, personal watercraft, boats, outdoor power equipment, accessories, apparel and much more. In 2012 Yamaha boats were the best-selling 19 to 25 Feet runabout boats in the industry.

A must-seen fleet for those who search boats, the 2013 Yamaha line has been launched. It includes 12 models ranging in length from 19 to 24-feet.

  • The classic value-priced 190 Series, with the AR 190 and the SX190.
  • The new-created 192 Series, with the AR 192 and the SX192, have unique features and attributes, including the pricing.
  • The family friendly 210 Series, with the AR210 and the SX 210.
  • The high-performance 212 Series, with the 212X and the 212SS.
  • The SX 240 High Output.
  • The 242 Series offers the largest most feature-rich Yamaha boats, the 242 Limited S, the 242 Limited and the 242 High Output.

Yamaha manufacturer use precision laser guidance robots which are able to cut and drill each hull and deck to exact specifications. All of its boats come fully-equipped with a total package of amenities. Yamaha offers a patented integrated swim platform that allows sitting just inches from the water's edge. Its boats feature also a thrust directional enhancer that maximizes control and maneuverability. Its design directs the water flow at an optimum angle, creating more responsive handling as the boat is turned right and left at slow speeds for better maneuverability around docks and while loading.

Powered with a Premium Power Package, the legendary Yamaha Internal Propulsion System, each Yamaha boats can assure superior performance and reliability. For instead, Yamaha's 24-foot boats out-accelerate the competition 0-30 mph, in. Yamaha 24 Feet can reach 30 mph in half the time of some competitive stern drive boats and reach plane in a 2.6 seconds, compared with the up to 4.5 of some competitive. Their twin engines are also more fuel efficient and can save up to $1760 in fuel costs at 100 hours.